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We are a public school serving preschool through sixth grade, and we take pride in providing our community with as many diverse and engaging services as possible to best meet the needs of all the students we serve. Some of the unique services we are able to provide to students and families, in addition to our general education program, are outlined below.


Kate Robles

English as a Second Language Instructorkrobles@lenoxschools.org641-333-2273

Additional ESL Resources:

District English Learners Plan (LAU Plan)Iowa Department of Education English Learner Resources

English as a Second Language (ESL)

This program is designed to support learners of English. No matter a student's language background, we have supports in place to develop a foundation in the English language for students who would benefit from this service. To qualify for ESL, students must be identified as having a home language other than English and qualify via assessment scores on the ELPA21 Screener.

Special Education (SPED)

This Tier 3 program is designed to provide specially designed instruction for students with identified learning challenges and unique needs. Our school district and area education agency includes this program as part of the Federal law, IDEA, which guarantees free and appropriate education for eligible students. Each qualifying student has a specifically tailored individualized educational plan that is designed by a team to provide learning in a manner in which the student can succeed. Direct instruction by qualified personnel is given in a way that addresses students’ individual needs and learning styles. 


Alyssa Cline

Special Education Coordinatoracline@lenoxschools.org641-333-2244

Jennifer Foglesong

AEA Special Education Consultantjfoglesong@ghaea.org712-366-0503 ext 3252
Joy BeemerAEA Speech-Language Pathologist

Additional AEA Personnel

Other AEA staff are able to support our students and staff in various ways regarding special education. For more information regarding these team-members and their specific skill areas, please reach out to us for more information.

Important Links

Iowa IDEA WebsiteProcedural Safeguards for ParentsDistrict Special Education Plan


Tiffany Weller

Talented and Gifted Instructortweller@lenoxschools.org641-333-2273

Important Links

Lenox TAG HandbookStudent Personal Education Plan TemplateParent Nomination Form

Talented and Gifted (TAG)

The mission of the Lenox Gifted and Talented program is to provide challenging and enriching opportunities for exceptional students in the intellectual, creative, visual, and performing arts domains. Gifted and talented students must receive experiences that incorporate meaningful learning objectives and capitalize on student choice, high-level thinking/questioning, deeper learning, and real world skills. In offering differentiated curriculum in the regular classroom as well as specialized enrichment activities and/or acceleration, all gifted and talented students are challenged, and their individualized needs are met.

Title Reading

Title Reading is a supplemental program that supports students in grades k-6 with reading skills. Students that qualify for title will receive regular instruction in the classroom and additional support during our Tiger Block Intervention time.  The goal is to increase reading fluency and comprehension and to develop a strong foundation in reading skills. When a student qualifies for this service, parents are notified via a letter and permission slip for the service.


Diana David

Title Reading Teacherddavid@lenoxschools.org641-333-2273

Important Links

Academic MTSS Model


Tiffany Weller

Title Math Teachertweller@lenoxschools.org641-333-2273

Important Links

Academic MTSS Model

Title Math

Our Title Math program serves students in grades K-6, much the same as our Title Literacy program, with an emphasis on developing mathematic skills appropriate to the grade level and readiness of the student. The program allows for additional time and support for students to develop necessary math skills in a small-group, targeted lesson format. When a student qualifies for this service, parents are notified via a letter and permission slip for the service.


Students who are four years-old by September 15th are eligible for preschool services during the accompanying school year. We offer a morning and afternoon session and serve a maximum of 20 students during each session. Lunch is served to morning session students, while students in the afternoon class enjoy a snack. Busing to registered daycares is available during the midday transition and traditional busing routes are available to preschool students before or after school. Students are assessed with the GOLD assessment and follow the IQPPS (Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards). 


Shilo Belding

Preschool Teachersbelding@lenoxschools.org641-333-2273

Important Links

Iowa Preschool Program StandardsIowa Early Learning Standards


Tiffany Weller

Student Council Facilitator tweller@lenoxschools.org641-333-2273

Student Council

Our student council is a student-led organization focused on community betterment and nourishing a learning environment conducive to growth. Students in grades 2-6 who are interested can apply to join the council annually. Goals and action plans for the council are determined annually by the student council members.

For more information about these services or others offered at Lenox Elementary School, please reach out to our staff! We are beyond blessed to be able to serve our students and hope to include services that support the growth of every student! 

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