Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

As part of the normal operation of the Lenox Community School District’s website, the District collects information from the users of its website. It is the intent of the District to protect the privacy of users of the District’s website and to give users as much control as possible over personal information, including registration data.


Reference on this web site to any specific products, process, service, manufacturer, company or trademark does not constitute its endorsement or recommendation by the Lenox Community School District. Links from this web site to external web sites are for the convenience of the user. Such links do not constitute an official endorsement or approval of any web site, product or service.


If the Privacy Statement is updated, the District will both post the updated Privacy Statement and its effective date at Concurrently with any substantive change to the Privacy Statement, the District will email notice of the change to known users at least 30 days in advance (or such shorter or longer time as mandated by law or any judicial or government body).

Text last modified on May 15th, 2008.


While this Privacy Statement expresses Lenox Community School District's standards for maintenance of private data, the District cannot and does not guarantee that the standards will always be met. There may be factors beyond the District’s control that may result in disclosure of data. As a consequence, Lenox Community School District disclaims any warranties or representations relating to maintenance or nondisclosure of private information.

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