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Welcome to Lenox Elementary School!

At Lenox Elementary School, we are truly blessed with a great community, great staff members, and especially great students! Our mission is to provide a safe and challenging environment for student growth in knowledge, character and life skills, and our Lenox family works to uphold this mission each and every day. Our students demonstrate growth in character and life skills through our PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) initiative. Each day, our staff and students work to recognize great habits and strengths in each other and to continually grow our own positive habits. We set clear expectations and work to exceed them each day.  

This school year, our team set three especially rigorous goals: 

To meet these goals, all of our students and staff will collaborate, track individual and group progress, and celebrate growth. Our staff members also identified three Big Rocks, three areas of focus for the school year that will lead our work: 

1. Social and Emotional Wellbeing for ALL

2. Curriculum Flow

3. Work Smarter Through Collaboration and Communication

At Lenox Elementary, this year’s theme is, “It Starts with US. Reframing Our Story!” This theme exemplifies our team's desire to lead by example and to create an environment where we are all part of the proactive growth each day. We will continue to offer our students as many advantages as we can including our EXCEL program, where students can get assistance after school on homework and reaching learning targets. 

We invite parents, caretakers and the community to be involved in our school initiatives and to help us celebrate our staff and students as we continue to strive for and reach new goals! 

#It Starts with US!

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It Starts with US! 

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