Elementary Principal, 
SPED Coordinator,
Level 1 Investigator, P-6 Curriculum  Director

Elementary Secretary

P-12 Nurse, At Risk Coordinator, 
Homeless Liaison, Equity Director

Elementary Guidance,
504 Coordinator

Our staff and students continue to work hard to attain higher student
achievement scores.  Percent of students proficient on the Iowa Assessment for third through sixth grade were as follows: reading 82%, math 93%, and science 90%.   These are great scores and can be attributed to the students and staff putting forth a strong effort to achieve at a high level. 

The Lenox Elementary School offers an after school Excel program Monday through Thursday from 3:25 PM to 4 PM.  This program is designed to help students complete their homework and work on skills that students are struggling with.  Every day there are two teachers in Excel to help students complete work and build skills. This program is open to all students, and I encourage parents to take advantage of it.

The elementary staff is also seeking volunteers to work with students.  Our goal is to build a strong partnership with the community and business leaders to ensure our students have the needed skills to succeed.  Volunteering will consist of helping students in the areas of math and literacy.  Anyone that is interested, please contact me at (712) 621-4884.  

Derek Morris, 
Elementary Principal