Coaching Staff
Matt Malausky & Mandy Stoaks - Co-Athletic Directors

Mrs. Sara Dukes

Head HS Volleyball/Co-JH Softball

Mrs. Leah Henderson

Head JH Volleyball

Mrs. Marti Cordell

Asst JH Volleyball

Mr. Matt Malausky

Head HS Football/Head HS Boys Track

Mr. Tom Christensen

Asst HS Football

Mr. Lynn Christensen

Asst HS Football/Head HS Wrestling

Mr. Ryan Morris    

Co-JH Football

Mr. Tyler Peterson

Co-JH Football/Head HS Baseball/Asst HS Boys Track  

Mr. Tom Smith

Head HS Cross Country/Asst. JH Baseball

Mr. Clay Nelson

Head HS Girls Basketball

Ms. Maddison Haines  

Asst HS Girls Basketball / Asst HS Girls Softball

Mrs. Mandy Stoaks

Head HS Girls Track/Head HS Softball

Mr. Jesse Cox     

Head HS Boys Basketball/JH Track/Asst HS Volleyball

Ms. Liz Jessen

Co-JH Boys Basketball/ Co-HS Golf

Mr. Jason Reed

Co-JH Boys Basketball

Mr. Jake Christensen (Craig)  

Asst HS Wrestling

Mrs. Cayla Bonde

Head HS Bowling/Co-JH Track

Ms. Tiffany Green   

Co-HS Golf

Mr. Andrew Linhart  

Asst HS Baseball   

Mr. Derek Powell

Head JH Baseball

Mr. Cole Bonde

Head JH Wrestling/Co-JH Track

Mr. Michael Nardini

Head JH Girls Basketball

Updated 11/1

School Song

Oh, when those Lenox Tigers fall in line

Oh, we will win this game another time

And for the team I yell, I yell, I yell

And for the black and gold I yell, I yell, I yell

And we will fight, fight, fight for every yard

And we will circle in and hit them hard

And we will roll those (opponent)

On the sod, on the sod

Lenox High